Mark Muller's Home Page

Who am I?

I am just yet another guy with a web site. It makes you think that any idiot with a valid credit number can get his own domain name and have it hosted for the world to see in about 5 minutes. I live in Austin, Texas, USA, and as such a lot of stuff on here will reflect Austin and areas that are in driving distance of Austin.

What is on this site?

At the moment, not very much. The only thing up so far is a set up pictures and commentary from our trip to Nova Scotia. In the future, this site will hopefully have a fair number of my photographs, and maybe some information about them and the places they were taken. Most of my photographs are from the Austin are and from West Texas, as West Texas provides the closest mountains to Austin.

Some Links

My wife's web site

I am married to Leah Billingsley. She is a Piano Teacher here in Austin.