Our Trip to Nova Scotia

Day 7: August 29, 2006

Our flight out of Halifax was scheduled for early afternoon, so we had nearly a half day to spend in Halifax. We had planed on revisiting the Citadel, but the weather was partly foggy and misting, so we decided to visit the Maritime Museum. It is a nice museum, the best part being the large collection of large ship models, not to mention having a few small boats in the museum as well. While in the area we also walked about the harbour area, which has a number of tourist oriented ships, some shops, and some restaurants.

From Halifax we drove to airport and began a long ordeal of a trip back to Austin via Newark. It seems there had been rain and/or fog in Newark, so everything through Newark was delayed. Our flight to Newark was delayed a few hours, and our flight from Newark to Austin was delayed about three and a half hours. Other than the delays, the trip home was uneventful.