Our Trip to Nova Scotia

Day 5: August 27, 2006

We got up early, with the idea of going out to Middlehead for sunrise. We didn't quite get there that early, and even if we had, it was clouded up towards the eastern horizon that morning. We did observe the graphical representation of what could happen to someone hiking Middlehead if they didn't observe an appropriate amount of caution.

Graphic representation of the danger of cliffs

Unfortunately, it was mostly cloudy, but that doesn't really detract from the beauty of the Middlehead Peninsula.

Early morning view along Middlehead trail

More Middlehead

Ubiquitous bunchberries

Towards the end of our hike a light rain started, lending a nice sheen to the ubiquitous bunchberries.

Closeup of bunchberries

After breakfast, the early morning cloudiness and rain had mostly cleared, so we set off for a day of tapas - lots of little hikes and beach excursions. First up was the Freshwater Water Lake Look Off. It is a steep, very short (less than 1 km) trail near the entrance to the park. It climbs up, giving nice views almost immediately.

Overlook near Fresh Water Lake Look Off

Next up was the Broad Cove Mountain Trail, another short (2.3 km round trip) steep trail. Once at the top, there is a bench, not to mention some nice rocks to rest upon and enjoy the view.

Goddess at rest

Seated goddess

View from atop Broad Cove Mountain trail

Our next stop was just up the road at Green Cove. Here, like many places, there are dangerous large waves. I wouldn't want to be that person in the picture on the left.

Graphic view of the dangers of large waves

If you can brave the waves and enjoy climbing on the rocks, you will find much to like about Green Cove.

Large rocks and waves at Green Cove

A bit farther up the road is Black Brook Beach. The beach itself is nice and sandy, but it is small and had many people on it when we were there. It seems to be a popular hangout with teenagers who probably live nearby. Adjacent to the beach is the Jack Pine trail, which starts by going by a nice waterfall.

Waterfall just inland of Black Brook Beach

Closer view of the same waterfalls

Even closer...

A bit farther up the trail is Squeaker Hole, named for the sound made when the tide comes in just right. This seemed to be where the braver teenagers go. We saw a few of them jump into the water, and then struggle to climb out on the rocks.

Teenagers gather courage to jump in the water. A few did...

Later in the afternoon it was back to Ingonish Harbour for our whale watching trip aboard the Avon Spirit. She is a topsail schooner. Unfortunately, the sails are mostly for show, as the diesel was used for the entire trip.

The rigging of the Avon Spirit, as seen from deck

None the less, it was a most pleasant trip, with a nice late afternoon sun and rather gentle seas.

A passing sailboat

We managed to see one minke whale and a a very large number of Atlantic dolphins.

Looking for whales from the rigging

Sunset at sea